Nour and Nermine, two sisters, founded a denim brand called Deuzn with a focus on providing comfortable and stylish jeans that celebrate body positivity. Their slogan, "TWICE THE QUALITY , TWICE THE STYLE' The Perfect Fit to Make You Feel Comfortable with Your Body and Gives You the Perfect Shape that reflects their commitment to crafting denim that enhances self-confidence and self-expression. Deuzn's designs blend craftsmanship and innovation, aiming to redefine comfort and style. Their brand invites everyone to join a movement that embraces the beauty of every body, making fashion a means of self-love and empowerment.


Our mission is to be the beacon of confidence and the catalyst for a change in mindset. Our goal is to remind every woman that she deserves twice the quality and twice the confidence she ever imagined. Every woman deserves to shine, regardless of any perceived flaws. That's why Deuzn has tirelessly sought the perfect fit that reflects the natural beauty of your body shape..